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I woke up this morning and decided that TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life as a healthy person. It was time to use that couch25k app I downloaded 2 weeks ago....

I did great today! I just want to know what to do for daily motivation...

The thing that really ruins the rest of my plans is when I awake the next day with sore muscles and pain from a new work out the day before.

Any tips on how to keep going when you are sore? What about when all you brain wants to do is excuses? :)

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Guest TrishE

Welcome! So glad you made the decision to start!

For muscles that are already sore Im a huge fan of advil (ibuprofen) and icy hot. For future soreness I recommend some easy stretching or yoga on your day off and a good runners stretching routine before and after you work out.

I hope this helps :) good luck! We are here for help and encouragement if need be.  

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I can't say I've conquered the motivation boogie man but I know what got me started and what has kept me going through 2 interruptions (blizzards and getting sick).


It started when I bought an iPhone 6 Plus and, as weeks went by, I was kinda interested in the Health app as it was tracking the number of steps, distance walked and run and number of flights of stairs I'd climbed every day.  It got me to walking more.  Then, for some reason - I have no idea what started it - I caught sight of pictures of some finisher medals for races during the Walt Disney World Marathon.  It was almost the same time I stumbled across the C25K program.  That made me wonder if my body would allow it.


Well, I'm keeping track of how far I'm going - recording it - and started looking at some races I MIGHT be able to do later this year.  Now, it helps that I'm a big Disney fan from way back, so thinking of perhaps getting the finisher medals next January for the 5K and 10K races seems to be enough motivation for me.  I've been a geek all my life so, in a way, it was the numbers that got me thinking about it.

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