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  1. The thought of week 5 has troubled me since I began this program. However yesterday I went out there and nailed day 3! I still can't believe it myself. It's changed my whole outlook from "ooh this is tough" to "Actually, I can do this!". This app really works! Thanks for all the support getting me this far guys. Looking forward to starting week 6! X
  2. Aww thanks guys! I suppose I am just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment. My brain really wants to run but my body's not up to it just yet.I'll take it slow. Hope you both recover quick too
  3. Hey everyone, I got up to w5d3 and was feeling really positive and ready to go for it, then I was struck down with a chest infection
  4. Hi there debwal. I struggled at first to be honest, but after reading the tips on this forum I feel like I'm making progress now. My biggest problem was looking at my phone
  5. Wow! I'm starting week 5 tomorrow and day 3 terrifies me!!! Well done!
  6. Hi everyone, I re tried week 3 day 1 yesterday, didn't look at my phone and managed to run the 3 minutes without stopping! I'll carry on with the rest of the week now. . Thanks for your support!
  7. Thanks guys! I'll repeat week 3 then starting tomorrow. Onwards and upwards! Yes, I have been clock watching, but I'm trying really hard to stop
  8. Hi everyone! I've just completed week 3, every other week has seemed easier by the time I get to day 3, but not this time.I can't jog for the full 3 minutes without stopping. So my question is do I repeat week 3 again or continue to week 4? Thank you
  9. Thank you for that post Cendorly, I have just done week 2 day 1 today and REALLY struggled....your post has given me the inspiration I needed. So thank you!!
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