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Yo :) Week One Complete


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So I have done Week 1 and it was fine, I haven't done any real exercise since damaging my ligaments and tendons in August so I was expecting much worse.

I didn't want to start at the beginning of January as i find it a bit faddy if that makes sense!

I love this app :) fingers crossed for a good week 2! I have a 10k muddy obstacle course in July so will be looking to progress as the weeks go by..just have to keep my shin splints at bay!

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Hi Bekkstar,


Welcome on here. Good for you for not hitting the trend of starting on the new year. People always get Gung HO and ya then Peter out.


Hope you have healed up nicely. Good luck on your mudder run. Niw that would be so much fun.


Are you doing the 10k app, or 5k??? Keep us posted here. These are a great bunch of people here. Good luck to you.

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Hi Bekk!! You are the second person I have noticed mentioning a messy run of some sort ...  MUST try this - it sounds so fun!!  

Right on Bekkstar!  Keep us posted on your progress/experience, and welcome to Zenlabs - super awesome support system here!  I too love the C25K app - it's so dang handy!

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