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  1. I got a garmin band for christmas which is really good...it has a digital display which shows steps, goal, milage and calories. It also has time and date on. The thing i like about it though is the red lines that show how inactive i have been!!! Certainly gets me up and moving!
  2. I am doing the 5k app otherwise i think i will over phase myself...so if i get to 5k i will probably go over and do the 10k one as a follow up!! Cant wait. Resting up today for night shifts this weekend...back on it for Monday good luck everybody!!
  3. So I have done Week 1 and it was fine, I haven't done any real exercise since damaging my ligaments and tendons in August so I was expecting much worse. I didn't want to start at the beginning of January as i find it a bit faddy if that makes sense! I love this app fingers crossed for a good week 2! I have a 10k muddy obstacle course in July so will be looking to progress as the weeks go by..just have to keep my shin splints at bay!
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