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Primal transportation for the desk jockey


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I preach the fight, and now I teach the fight!!!....




The best part about being back at the base of the mountain, is that you get to climb it again - Me 2015


Chapter 1: The Recovery begins.

Ok. Off to a start. It was a good day. I went to the gym. Everything was normal.


This is run as a circuit repeated 3x but it isn't aerobic. Everything is done slowly. Recovery oriented with push ups and planks mixed in. 


All exercises are as many slow reps as possible except where noted

Neutral Grip Dumbell Press: 10 lbs. (15lb DBs hurt )

This arm raise with back against the wall thing: It's for shoulder impingement recovery.

10 Push Ups

30 Second Plank

30 second Piriformis stretch (each leg)

30 second knee to chest stretch (each leg)

30 second Calf stretch on block (each leg)

As a separate circuit, I did 3 circuits of 2 different resistance band fly type shoulder rotation exercises Kent had for me(he prepared a list of shoulder impingement stuff for me. Again, Best gym ever!!)


Far from the intensity of workout I'm used to but I managed to touch most muscle groups and felt benefit


The not so good news: Walking is uncomfortable. I tried 1MPH on the treadmill with most of my weight supported by my hands on the rails and couldn't do it. I felt I would hurt myself worse. Walking gently to and from the car is about all that I have in me, but I feel a tiny bit better!


Good news! It was is crappy, slushy, nasty and cold outside yesterday, and I was forced to skip my running day. Aw darn, LOL


Woke up this morning and not feeling all that bad. Standing and walking are a tiny bit more comfortable. I'll be walking 10k steps again real soon!

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Went to Planet Fitness today to give the treadmill a try. Walking is getting a tiny bit easier.


10 minutes on a bike at 16mph (slow )

30 minutes on the treadmill and a slow 2.3mph. 2.4 was uncomfortable. I had to hold on to the side rails through most of it but it's a start.

80 Push Ups (not all at once. 10 push up sets )


I'm doing these 5-10 times a day per PT

30 second Piriformis stretch (each leg)

30 second knee to chest stretch (each leg)

30 second Calf stretch on block (each leg)

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....and the new fight begins

11 mins stationary bike

30 mins treadmill 2.4 mph

That is all I have to ability to do outside of my physical therapy stretches.

Had my first full PT appointment just a bit ago. First he worked on my knees and then we worked on my rib cage. The knee part went well. My flexibility is increasing but not where we need it just yet. On the rib cage it was out of control. We went way past my pain threshold. I'm a pretty tough man but there were tears rolling down my face. IMO 12 heavily bruised ribs gives any man a pass to cry LOL

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Overall my rib pain is worse today.  Getting out of bed was/is very difficult. Turning over from my back is excruciating.
Still under restriction from going anything other than slowly....
Stationary Bike: 11 min @18mph
Went to the gym...
Treadmill: 30 mins @2.4MPH
Preacher curl machine: 3x5 @60lbs
Triceps pull down machine: 3x5 @50lbs
(I usually do all free weights but need to isolate any muscle group I work from the ribcage)
Piriformis stretches are hurting my ribs today. I could probably use a belt but getting on my back hurts and rolling back over is pretty traumatic. I'm not sure what I should do here. Emailed my PT.
Calf Stretches: 3x:30
Ribcage Self-mobilization: This is back to the on my back thing. Should I be doing this with the level of pain I am enduring to get back up? Emailed my PT
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22 minutes on the bike

30 minutes treadmill


New exercises added. Now doing the following for knee and rib rehab

Calf stretch on block

Piriformis stretch

Rib cage self-mobilization

Hands on knees push and hold

Diagonal leg kick (balance exercise that actually plows my legs AND I CAN DO IT in my condition!! )


Knees didn't feel great on the treadmill at 2.4MPH. We have some healing left to do still. It's just amazing. A week and a half ago I could run 3 miles at 11 minutes a mile. Now I'm walking a 25 minute mile with a bit of discomfort. Heh. Let's hope it reverses as well when this is all done. I suspect I'll need to retrain /shrug.


My right Ankle Dorsiflexion is now 9 degrees and the left is 13 degrees. They both need to be able to deflect 15 degrees before I get back on the pavement. LOTS more calf stretching needed

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Still able to only do 30 minutes on the treadmill and slowly at that. The knees are healing very slowly. Rib cage is a little better too. Gonna be awhile. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I probably wont be running my race on March 7th. At least it's not because I couldn't do it. I've already run 5k so this is just bad luck. Injuries happen. Maybe I'll be ready to walk/run it by then. Rest assured I'll be ready to get stupid for the color run in June<G>

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So I've been pretty quiet for the last week. Something about 12 bruised ribs makes you grouchy and not interested in sitting in desk chairs. I will try and increase my activity in here once again..


The update:

I do tons and tons of physical therapy sessions and stretches like all day long. I do 30+ minutes a day walking on the treadmill and my speed is up to 2.8MPH and is coming up slowly. My knees are feeling good. My physical therapist says that if everything keeps going how it is, and my ribs will cooperate, we can try running a few intervals on the treadmill next week. I'll be running soon!!!


My worries: I fear my endurance is gone. My calves and hammys are very tight from even walking. I suspect I am no longer able to run for 30 minutes and will have to train again, My race is a month from this coming Saturday. It's gonna be close.

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Hey Azatol, I figure if you've done it before you can do it again. Maybe not as quick, maybe not right now. But you will do it again. You are a winner!

Oh heck yeah. Running is my passion. I WILL do it and do it well. Just no longer sure I'll be able to run my race in March which was the whole reason I started all this.. It's beyond my control but in the course of this all I discovered how much I love running so I've already won!!

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I'm back to walking 30 minutes at my full brisk walk speed on the treadmill and my knees feel great. The ribs are tender but I bet I can run. Going to ask my physical Therapist for permission when I see him in 2 hours. Going to request he let me run 3, walk 5 for the next week and re-evaluate. If knees are good I want to get back to retraining for 5k. I can still make my March race if the ribs will accept it.

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Went for a real run today.. Was approved for up to 2 miles by the physical therapist. Decided to stop after a mile. I was quite winded and felt while I could push through my form was going to get dirty and didn't want to risk the knee stress of poor form while I'm still healing from the injury. I of course need my review and official sign off from my PT on Tuesday but I'd say I'm back. Might take a week or two to ease my endurance back up there but I'm confident I'll be ready for my race ( A month from today )


The knees feel great and the new Brooks Glycerins were amazing!!

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