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W1D1 Success!

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So very, very chilly to begin with! In fact, my face, along with the tips of my fingers and toes were so cold within five minutes. However, towards the end I was comfortably toasty-it felt great to begin and complete! I loved how I felt afterwards, and my youngest joined me which made it all the more enjoyable. I was not able to jog all parts, yet I kept up a good pace. I am loving the soreness I feel this evening which is telling me my muscles received a good workout. I am looking forward to day two!

Goals met today:

1. Download App

2. Visit Forum ... read, respond and register. (This was huge for me)!!

3. Exercise

4. Post progress

S U C C E S S !!

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Hey Shannon,


I am a Moderator on here and I was gone for a few a days and when I logged in tonight, I've been responding to questions everywhere and I think you have posted in about each topic.

I am absolutely loving your excitement everywhere on here. Can't wait to see how you do. Just make sure you don't repeat yourself too much Everywhere. Check out our Forum Guidelines. Hugs to you!! Happy New Year!


Keep up the Excitement , loving your enthusiasm. You are going to kick some serious butt working out. Here is to 2015!!!!! Let's do it!

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Hi Kelly! Thank you for the warmest of welcomes and encouragement! In regards to repeating myself...do you mean the accidental double posts, encouraging multiple members or something else? I've read the 'Start Here' forums, (and others) and have been wonderfully inspired. For clarification, please let me know. I do not wish to do anything silly or annoying!

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I get it now! Whew! Now I realize what you were talking about in regards to posting 'everwhere' LoL That's what I get for trying to post from a tiny device! Sorry about the double posts! And I concur...that would be annoying. To bad we cannot delete our posted booboo's! ;) That shared...what a pleasure to read both of your responses! Awesome-suaciness!

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Hey Shanon, 


No worries at all.  I can tell you are SOOOOOOO EXCITED.  Keep it up, I can delete messages, but it is not necessary.  

You wanted to shout it from the rooftops and I cannot blame you at all.  It is exciting to get motivated to be healthy.  WootWoot!!  


Keep up The Excitement, it is so contagious!   You got me smiling.   :D


Happy Day!

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Hi Azatol,

I went to Amazon and found a foam roller  (had no idea what it was when you mentioned it above).  I read the reviews and am gathering it is an all purpose tool for aches and pains, and developing core strength(?).  What are you using it for specifically?    



I am motivated!  However, before the energy -HERE- affected me, I was filled with doubt - wondering if I would complete what I started - self-restricting/limiting thoughts dancing within- even as I posted my introduction.  At the time, I noticed I double posted twice and believe it or not that made me feel like a dummy-head! I moved to the computer, (can't text on devices worth beans!) registered, read and responded. That put me over the hump!  The shared reflections and stories (and responses/give and receive) were so empowering - the influence of like minds supported me in switching gears. This nudge I needed and wanted - not realizing how much until I pressed forward and jumped in w/o fear of how I came across.  Feeling so thankful. 

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Shannon check this out



It's the greatest thing ever for sore muscles and really good for youre blood flow. I'm sure hoping you didn't buy that one as it's rather costly. I have a 19 dollar one from my local Walmart. It's 24 inches and just foam. No texture or fancy stuff. I already had it before I started running. Weight lifters use them too. The first time you wake up after a run the previous day and your hamstrings are on fire, you will know the love of a foam roller LOL. I promise you'll be thanking me.

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Good Morning Azatol!

No I didn't buy ... yet. :P    I was simply curious what you were using it for. Glad you shared another link to peek at ...thank you! That said, I was thinking it would work great on my youngest who on occasion gets headaches - often he asks me to massage his upper neck and shoulders after school.   And yes, extreme lactic acid build up sucks sucks sucks! LOL In the past I learned to trust and listen to my body and/or pace myself to prevent extreme build up - sore muscles are fine, but lactic acid in my calves/legs from over exerting is not fine - OUCH! Over the next few workouts, I'll gradually figure out where I am at and then push myself beyond.  When or if I am visited by the extreme lactic acidosis demon *cries* ;) .... I'll push past the pain the next day, slow down if needed until my legs get used to the workout, and they will.


"Oh wow! I do have a muscle there! It's alive!!"   :D

As far as normal-sore-worked-out-muscles... I absolutely love sore muscles ... love it!  A sure sign that I had a good work out. My body is literally reshaping itself from the inside out.  It can be quite painful warming up the next day yet as I keep walking/running the soreness works itself out.  :D   Saint Patty's day run ...... here I come!!!

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Hi, Shannon!


What are your further successes? Have you done D2 and D3 workouts? How do you feel these days?


Actually, I made W1D1 the next day after you. Perhaps, middle of winter is not a best time to start, but if I can push myself through it, I think, I will not give it up in summer... Great to find that I'm not the only one, who try to begin in winter :-)


I liked workout a lot but noticed 2 things: 1- I need sneakers that will not slide on ice and 2 - it is not so difficult to start, I could follow walk/run programm and yes, I was tired and felt great in the end... But 2-3 hours after workout my batteries were discharged and I felt exhausted all day long. I was expected quite opposite effect of morning run, that is why I interested about feeling on other first days :-)

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Hi Huk! I'm delighted to meet you!   In spite of and because of your slippery running shoes .... Congrats on W1D1!  Right on!  I'm looking forward to a new pair of running shoes too! :D


First, this is my first C25k experience.  I am loving it!  I know from experience that baby steps - as I stay with this - add up quickly, even with occasional setbacks.  It is what I do most of the time that counts, right!  


Second, in the past when I first started a new routine, I would have days where I felt/was very tired. I understood that my body was adjusting so I did my best to work through the tiredness without judging how tired I felt or wondering if this was worth it.  "Be patient." "Notice don't judge" and "Hang in there." were consistent self-encouragements.  I learned to listen and to trust my body, (I'd take a power nap or hit the sack a bit earlier if needed). Over time I begin noticing I was energized throughout the day AND also fell asleep very quickly.  Later, if unusually tired, I would question my water intake and what I was eating and adjust as was needed, (I was healthy so I did not need to worry about anything medical). Today, I am using what I learned in the past and applying now.  So far, I've been energized. That said, I know there will be days where I am unusually tired. That's ok. 


Third, Winter Brrrrrrrr Buddies unite! LOL Likewise, I am thrilled to see so many winter running folks!  Right on!  We might have frozen lips and runny noses but we are out there literally running our  frozen batooties off!


Fourth, I did W1D2 yesterday, and will do W1D3 tomorrow.  Week one almost down!


Fifth, have you checked out the new forum,  Accountability 2015?   Hope you visit and continue to share your progress. I'd love to hear how you continue to run RIGHT through winter and into summer!!  



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