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Starting today hoping to turn diabetes

Guest Prasad

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I can tell you with some certainty that it can be done. As of Halloween my doctor declared me no longer diabetic. I was on 1000 milligrams of metformin this summer. Nothing right now and my blood sugar rarely tops 100. My A1C was 4.9 last momth.


The recipe?
1) PALEO DIET!!!! Eat like our ancesters

2) Exercise. I started lifting weights now I run and lift.


I was 315 last year. Walked off a lot of it. 268 when I went Paleo and started working out in August( was walking and eating low carb diet before that but weight loss stopped even with 10k steps a day ). Now I'm diabetes free, off blood pressure meds and 226 pounds. Down 2-3 shirt sizes and 3 pant sizes


There is another piece of the puzzle. STRENGTH TRAINING ( which running is a form of ). FACT: Muscle burns calories faster. FACT: your metabolism is elevated for up to 48 hours after you work out.


The most important part and the hardest one we have to come to terms with is diet is 80% of the game. Running and strength training alone will get you down a little but diet is where it's at. When you combine the two, bye bye pounds. hello better feeling me.


<hops off soap box>

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Awesome Azatol.


Thanks so much. I am a Paleo Lifestyle loved. I have a website called www.cavegirlcancook.com and FB oage with the same name. Love love Paloe. With my Blood Sugar levels I have been a Cave Girl since I was little. Never wanting cake and ice cream at a party but preferring salty protein foods.


Check out ,y recioes on there. Feel free to add your own. I love the Paleo Lifestyle. Ask me anything. I love it.


I strength train 3x a week and run 3-4 x a week and crossfit. Mostly at my home as I'm far from town. You can so use your own body weight for all strength training. All dy long I will do push-ups in the counter, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, etc... Fit it in everywhere. You can do it.


Diet is a huge piece of the puzzle. Nutrition is the key.


Hey, I asked ZenLabs and they now have a new board up that I asked for called Accountabilty 2015. Please, let's all go there and post what our workouts and what we are doing there. Let's do it. Rock 2015. See you there.

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darn it ....  I wanna 'like' posts more than I am allowed LOL   So enjoyed reading this thread ... it reminded me of the below book.  That said,  congrats on all achievements and future goals to achieve!  I'm so eager/excited to hear how each person does!


This is the book I read that jumped started my desire to get healthy again. It's solid, not fluffy or new-wavy at all:  SPARK 

It goes in depth in regards to the transformative effects  of exercise on the brain/body.  There are a few stories, much like Azatol shared, where complete healing was experienced.  In my opinion, it is a wonderful read.  I have the audio and have listened to it three times so far. So much to take in.

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I am excited about the benefits and I handle the stress from my job much better, when in shape. Funny thing is my job is very physical and I probably walk 5miles per day during my day. Understand that doesn't count, need the extra afterwards. Can't wait to check out cave girl diet.


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Every little bit counts but that little extra always helps. Its very inspiring to read about people who have controlled diabetes with healthy living and those who have made the conscious decision to because of diabetes. Good luck to all of you! Anything is possible!  

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