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  1. Slog is what I have been doing. Kind of a slow jog.need some new shoes and better diet and I will be ready this summer for my first 5k...I hope...do they have a 1k☺
  2. I am excited about the benefits and I handle the stress from my job much better, when in shape. Funny thing is my job is very physical and I probably walk 5miles per day during my day. Understand that doesn't count, need the extra afterwards. Can't wait to check out cave girl diet. Thanks
  3. Sure hoping one of the side benefits of this program is helping my diabetes. Love the way it is working so far.My numbers are getting better. I am feeling better and lost 50 lbs before I started the process. Figured I needed to keep the weight off and your helping all the way around. Can't wait to do my first 5k and throwing away my metformin. Thanks from Florida
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