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  1. Kitty

    Left Knee Pain

    Just finished week1. Since I started I had some pain in my ankles which are weak to begin with, just got awesome new sneakers so the pain went away. I am having some pain in my left knee. I've notice I have been leaning more to the left when I run. Any tips? Should I wrap it before my workouts?
  2. Hey Kat I'm Kitty lol(really it's my real name) I just finished week1day2 I am not a runner either. I feel day2 was a little easier..just keep on going you CAN do it. There's 2 sign in my kickboxing gym that I love it says just remember sweat is fat crying and you can have excuses or results not both. I remember those two during my run keep up the good work !
  3. Another question...on my "off" days if i dont have kickboxing class that day should i walk for 30-60 minutes ? or should i have a complete rest day and not do anything..i am active at work so its not completely an "off" day lol
  4. so since my weigh in about 1 week ago at 218lbs im now down to 216.8lbs ! going in the right direction !! cant wait until tomorrow for week1day2 but it sucks that im working 12-13hours on my feet then come home and run...but its only 30 minutes - gonna be rough - but ill survive
  5. Yea crooked lol..thank god I did it on my treadmill when my husband was working..the only one judging was my cat lol
  6. What kind of strength training do you recommend? I've never lifted weights before lol
  7. Omg you two are soooooo sweet! Thank you for your replies! I should get something to track my steps...good idea
  8. Hey guys came across this app while doing laundry lol I'm in my early 20s always struggled with my weight. Recently weighed in at 224lbs
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