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  1. Govt gonna make an announcement about gyms..... can't wait to workout like a beast
  2. i totally agree with you there are so many other ways to to get rid of fat.....like drinking lemon water helped me a lot
  3. All the things you think about when it comes to health, diet, and exercise. I have lost all perspective on whether I'm too fat, too skinny, look good, etc. I literally change my mind every other day. Yesterday I was too skinny until I tried to put on a shirt and my arms didn't fit in the sleeves, what the fuck. Also, should I work hard at the gym today or just half-ass it?
  4. Hey ADMIN, Surely going to check your blogs but before that I've a Question;How about doing YOGA for better breathing. I mean the asanas can really leads to better breathing. What say..?
  5. i read your blog about the breathing tips last month, my friend refers to readout i was smoker for long time and i quit smoking and your tips helped me a lot. just wanted to thank you
  6. I agree with TrishE 100%. Something like this Tank Top would do wonders in the heat plus Dousing yourself in water to keep cool also seems like a fun Idea.
  7. Hi @Izzy3000, My advice would be to just start ASAP. Here are a few other tips: Start slow and take it up from there. Take care of your body. Wear Good Shoes. Eat 5-7 small protein-rich meals a day. Shorter steps and slowing down will help you get more mileage out of your legs. You can get faster later, and that's fine.
  8. @Sharon NM Hi There! I have had this problem as well. I would highly recommend you to follow @Craften advise. Plus, Have someone give you deep tissue massage. It has really helped me. Massage for Shin Splints Youtube Video
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