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  1. Sharon NM

    Shin splints-how do I prevent them? HELP

    Thank you I have tried this and it has helped. I still have the splints though. Is this normal?
  2. Sharon NM

    Ladies - Sports Bras??

    I don't know if this might be the right answer to you. I have big girls which made it super hard to get a firm sports bra and I finally found shefit... It also uses velcro straps so it's easy to take off.
  3. Hi. In the past, I tried to start running, and my shins hurt so bad that I stopped and couldn't try again. I really want to try and run(never been a runner), and I am starting the C25K program again. I also want to lose weight. I'm nervous about getting the shin pain though-i know I wouldn't be able to push through. How can I avoid them and how can I prepare? I really want to stick it out!