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  1. Hey There, Is there new or unique running tips that are unfamiliar to the majority?
  2. You're doing a good job man. I always love your threads.
  3. Is this essential to eat less to lose your weight?
  4. You should start it by walking at speed 3 or 3.5. After that you'll get to know which speeds suits you as time passes.
  5. Great, Thanks for the information.
  6. Your initial speed should be 4 km/h.
  7. Please correct me, in the monocausal stage a female needs many nutrients and minerals to remain healthy, conversely, if she will do weight loss in a such situation, what will happen with her body other than weight loss?
  8. I am a little bit confused that powerlifting is good or bad for the heart!! I did plenty of research across the internet and read many renowned journal's articles but still confused about it and unable to draw a final conclusion. Because A significant proportion of society's opinion goes with good and rest are against it.
  9. Don't take over the counter medicine for such chronic disease. A physician would recommend after diagnostic a best medicine.
  10. I am using momentum fitted joggers from a long while but now I we have numerous option that are more cheaper with greater quality.
  11. Running only is insufficient, A diet plan is also crucial for weight loss.
  12. Possibility is there, that your shoes are causing this...
  13. Thoughts provoking information. I enjoyed a lot to read your article.
  14. Honestly speaking, there may be a major possibility of calcium deficiency and vitamin deficiency. When our bones lose density then such consequences may occur. However, don't be afraid just use some calcium supplement/vitamin supplements.
  15. I think there is a lot more research is required at this point and time.
  16. I think you're right but what if the data itself has to be encrypted within?
  17. If you're looking to build your bicep and triceps then checkout this article for some useful information.
  18. I don't know where to start a new conversation in such matters. spammers are everywhere.
  19. the best way to do it is to To convert divide the miles by 5 and multiply by 8. If you're even average at maths you can do this.
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