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  1. Silver Pie

    Novice Runner

    I have the 5k app, so I can't tell you. You can scroll past the days to the right in the app and see on what week it ends.
  2. Silver Pie

    First 5k in over 10 years

    Sounds like you have great goals. You can do this, for sure.
  3. Silver Pie

    Newbie getting off the couch

  4. Silver Pie

    New user with a few questions and comments needs help

    As for music, I made a playlist using the phone's default program instead of Google Play (it was recommended to do that to be able to have a playlist that worked with the c25k app). I'd go to music through the c25k app, not find my playlist, click on play all (or something like that; it has been a while since I've gone there), then go out of the music, then back in (sometimes doing that again) before I even saw my playlist, so I said, Forget that! and went through the Nike app to get to the playlist. I love doing it that way, as it always starts up when my workout (run) starts, and will continue playing until I press stop on the run. In other words, it plays the list over and over again if I'm running long enough. But I really liked the c25k for those first weeks of direction, being told when to start running and when to stop. It helps you figure out where you are and what you can do, plus gets you used to getting out there to do the run.
  5. Silver Pie

    New user with a few questions and comments needs help

    The C25k app seems willing to connect with Google Fit, and Google Fit claims they are connected, but info is never written to Google Fit (I've tried a couple or more times). I don't have any apps connected to c25k, but when I run, I run the Nike app along with it. Well, I've stopped using the c25k app (explanations are at the end of my Training for April 5k thread (under Accountability)), so I only use the Nike app now. I bought the c25k app and, like you said, there isn't much difference. I don't regret buying it, as it didn't cost very much and really helped me run during those first several runs when I wanted to just give up. I find that several apps can run at the same time. I can't help you with any of the others as I don't have them on my phone.
  6. Silver Pie

    Run map

    My app never shows a map, even though the gps is always turned on, so I can't help you there. The best bet is to go into "feedback" on your app and click on it. It will let you send zenlabs an email with your phone info in it, and you can ask them about the problem. They haven't always been able to help me, but I usually get a reply.
  7. Silver Pie

    Export to Calendar/When to Start Training

    I have the c25k app, and I have not seen those options on that app.
  8. Silver Pie

    Shorts that don’t ride up

    Several reviewers said this doesn't ride up. Hanes Women's Bike Shorts I would read a bunch of the reviews (both good, medium, and bad) to make sure they are something I would want, but from what I've read, these are good for the price.
  9. Silver Pie

    Training for April 5k

    Thank you, CleBKPkr. I said "rest" instead of "walk" in my schedule, above. I'm going to edit it.
  10. Silver Pie

    5K July 13

    This one made me laugh. I won't quit, but I'll swear the whole time I expected it to say the same thing as the shirts.
  11. Silver Pie

    Week 3 Day 3

    That really is the best way to do it I think.
  12. Silver Pie

    Shorts that don’t ride up

    The only luck I've had with shorts that don't ride up are longer shorts. I'm talking just above or below the knee.
  13. Silver Pie


    No watch. I just use my phone.
  14. Silver Pie

    5k by September

    Repeating weeks seems to be the best way to do this. Best of luck to both of you.
  15. Silver Pie

    5K July 13

    Thanks. I'll look it up when I get on my computer.