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  1. Grrrr. Sorry this posted to replying to myself!
  2. UPDATE! Some good news (re: maps quickly disappearing) and some bad news.... After today’s run, the map did not disappear AND there was a “padlock” icon directly above the week and day completed!! That’s the good news. The bad news is that I excitedly pressed the icon to lock it to give myself time to look/read sadly, I disabled this “lock” feature and am too technologically challenged/inept to reset. Any hints on how to restore this hitherto unknown feature?!?! Appreciate ANY input! Enjoy your runs!
  3. Thank you for noting that!!! I thought I was doing something wrong!!! I have approximately 1 second to PEEK at the route before it disappears! Very disappointing as I had hoped routes would be saved for duration of program, all of the days run. Still enjoying the app though!
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