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  1. TOTALLY Agree! Coverup the treadmill display. I run with music and I also time my gym visits with a TV show that I enjoy watching. The gym I go to has individual TV's at each treadmill, so I can watch whatever. I turn on the closed caption and time goes by faster when I have music and the show distracting me
  2. Hello, What kind of routine or workout do you all do on your rest days. I am not comfortable taking the day off totally, so am wondering what strength/HIIT/etc, training or routines you guys do on the days you are not working through the program.
  3. I have tried this countless times and I always fail. I can't ever get through week 5. I'm there again, and I'm stuck. I really really want this, and am giving 200%, but am failing. Week 4 is a huge challenge, and then the steep jump in week 5 does me in. I'm open to all help, ideas, suggestions. I want so bad to successfully complete a 5k, for so many reasons.
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