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  1. Been awhile since I have posted a pulled calf muscle no fun. I was out for a good 2 weeks. Would've have been back sooner if I wasn't so stubborn and tried to work the 'torn' muscle while it was still healing. The second week I did no walking at all just did my stretching exercises. On Sunday tried to do W6D1 as soon as I felt the muscle tightening I stopped and just walked. On Monday I did my usual walk and on Tuesday did W6D1, those two weeks off really made it tough, my calf muscle still felt a bit tight but not hurting so carried on and completed it. Wednesday normal walk. Thurs completed day2 still not 100% but I am looking forward to completing week 6 tomorrow. I have learnt that I need to warm up properly so I am doing my stretching exercise in addition to the normal 5min brisk walk. And again when after the cool down period.
  2. Boot is off but have been instructed to continue to rest so no C25K until next week. I however did managed to do a brisk walk so I may do week 1 while I recuperate.
  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow/today. Sounds like an ideal situation enjoy.
  4. Paying now went for daily walk calf muscle seizd up had to hoble home got an ice pack on it. Update I am out of action for the next two weeks. Just got back from the physio received a foot boot and a lecture about doing a proper warm up. On the plus side I can still walk albeit with the boot on.
  5. Week 5 wasn't as bad as I imagined it. Granted I may have had extra incentives today since my stomach was working but it was all good no accidents during those 20~30 mins
  6. w5d2 done calves muscle very tender need to rethink how I am warming up. The muscle was already aching from yesterday's walk as I was working on my stride and breathing for today's workout. I gave my calves a good massage last night and again before I started my workout it did help but towards the end I felt it tightening up and needed to nurse it to complete the session. Just finished massaging the calves and feeling much better
  7. Seems so quick posting my progress feels surreal, am I really on w5d1 did I complete it. My aching muscles tell me I did. It was tough but I kept at it telling myself "I WANT IT!",I NEED IT", "I did it before I can do it again" And I did it
  8. yay me w4d3 done! I've got to learn to listen playing with my fitbit HR (checking my heart rate) during my run I must have missed the prompt to walk because here I was trying to keep my heart rate above 100 jogging when I hear the prompt "start running". Just as well I was in the right frame of mind and kept jogging until the next prompt "start walking". I am pretty pleased with myself maybe I can handle the dreaded 20 min jog next week.
  9. yep but needed to get over the hump in order to do my run. I take my BP every morning before I do anything. This morning I didn't feel good about it.
  10. I knew W4d2 was going to be a battle this morning, blood pressure reading high 140/105. So really did not feel like running this morning but glad I did was slow going but I did it.
  11. I am waiting for my charge HR to arrive, using the force which has been recalled
  12. Keep going I can honestly say that it gets addictive. The great thing about this app is the small goals you set yourself as you're jogging. I would normally give up at the first sign of discomfort and to be honest I did on W2D1 only to be motivated when you hear the prompt to begin walking and you realise that that extra 10 seconds of discomfort is bearable. Gives you a sense of achievement.
  13. W4D1 in the bag!! was a battle especially the last set before cooling down but was proud that I made it to there and then had to dig a little deeper to complete it.
  14. w3d3 done. I think I've got how it goes wXd1 we curse and swear we can't do this ,Wxd2 still curse but hey not so bad,WXd3 that was okay I think I can do this. That's been my pattern for past couple of weeks.
  15. Okay new shoes, new aches and new excuses but w3d2 done, not out of breath but calf muscles aching. I keep telling myself how much I am enjoying this eventually I may actually believe it. I honestly do enjoy it especially when I hear your workout is complete. Hopefully w3d3 will be better.
  16. It' wasn't a good run today but it's done I am officially on w3. Bad breathing technique let me down today.See how I go on Friday for w3d2
  17. Thats excellent I am only average 13 minutes/KM and even then I feel I'm moving too fast
  18. Now you've got me scared I am up for w3d1 tomorrow and was pump for it now not so sure
  19. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Just completed w2d3 today and to be honest after the first 90 seconds of jogging I really thought I was out of my depth. In the past I would have just given up. Once I heard the halfway prompt I think I got into the stride/pace since it seemed easier to continue. I guess the 'trick' is to find the correct pace to start with and keep at it until it improves. I am unable to multi task ie.. is my stride correct, does my foot strike right , am I breathing correctly all those thoughts. Once I stop thinking about them, I started to enjoy my run. The only thing I was thinking of as I was running is my breathing once I master that I can start on the other aspects. Hope to start w3d1 soon order new runners this weekend can't wait to try them out. Again thanks to the community for the encouragement to stick with this programme.
  20. From a fellow aussie welcome. The main thing is you started. keep at it since you will come to enjoy it (did I just say that?). The great thing about this programme is you work at your own pace don't be afraid to experiment.
  21. Thanks for the link now, I'm pretty sure it's to do with my weight. Just that the pain is more noticeable when I'm stationary.
  22. Just completed w2d2 this morning. My pace is still too high when I start need to slow down. Although I was feeling the strain I didn't mind it. I got confused with the alerts again as soon as I heard the alarm I started to run only to hear that I needed to begin my cool down session, I am feeling good that I completed this session. Guess there's hope for me.
  23. This is a funny one my heel hurts walking barefoot and my knee has a dull pain, After I lace up the heel still hurts but after a couple of metres the pain subsides.The Knee still has the dull pain but it works itself out and the pain goes however when I stop the pain returns is it just muscle fatigue ?. Also how does one run downhill that's when I find I'm really straining my knees doesn't hurt but I can feel the muscle tightening with each step. I try to run on the flat of my feet I have severe under pronation. My runners is suppose to fix my pronation which I think it does since I hardly get shin splits now.
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