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  1. Had a DUH moment this morning Started out at 3:48 am Warm up walk not a problem start first run, been running awhile surely my walk break should start now, I've past my normal land mark (thinks maybe I started the app late?) App measuring my pace tells me 1km in 10.30 secs (must slow down!!) Past second landmark still running something wrong here (remembers Azatol's running tip keep your hands off the phone) curse you Azatol. Final run did I miss the alert to walk? past my landmark where I normally end my run ,will run to the next bench , past said bench, start walking, probably 20 sec later alert to begin my cool down check my phone. Meant to do w1d3 today ended up doing w2d1 ( stop playing with my phone !!). Pretty happy with the result though ave speed 4.3Kph max speed 8.3 Kph
  2. Hi just some background I have never run more then 400m at a time in my life. So the goal of running 5km looks impossible at the moment. Being the lazy mutt that I am I have really put on the pounds and kept deceiving myself that I am still fit until I realise that I wasn't couldn't even walk more then 3kms. I bought a pedometer in 2011 and started walking at least 10 000 steps a day well I did until 2013~2014. Now its 2015 I have started my routine again of walking at least 10 000 steps a day and incorporating the C25k programme into my routine every alternative day. I am doing the week 1 for the second time tomorrow (15/01/2015) I start on w1d3. Something I found funny is that my pace when running/panting vs walking is about the same 13.18 vs 13.51.Hope it gets better I will posting on here after each "run".
  3. Hi Dmosby welcome. If only I had your foresight and did the same thing 9 years ago missed out on my kids growing up too focused on work etc.. But not crying over the past I have just started on my journey and I hope it will be beneficial as no doubt yours will be.
  4. Hi I know exactly how you feel in 2011 I had to renew my passport and as you know the picture isn't the best, my face looked like a beach ball. It still does but that's another story. So I thought I would start walking on my first outing my wife had to wait for me to catch up eventually I told her I would meet her at home. I remember getting stared at by people as they probably thought I was going to collapse but I continued and vowed that I would continued. I started taking short walks and eventually I was walking about 5~6km. However in 2014 I slacked off and put the the weight back on. I am starting again although this time it was a little easier since I am still able to walk my 5~6 km. Thats why I am doing the C25K now as I am trying to get back to double digits KG wise and it's more fun then just walking. So yes you definitely can do the program your objective at the moment is to move no matter how slowly. But as always you should consult a doctor before embarking on any training programme especially if you have not done any exercise for a while.
  5. Well now looks like we have a challenge although you have one more day up your sleeve
  6. Also a newbie I think it's alternate days in order to give your body time to 'heal'. On my alternate day I just walk
  7. Thanks Shannon and Azatol for the warm welcome. Azatol I see you use a fitbit as well can I add you as a friend on fitbit //www.fitbit.com/user/238N2T
  8. I am a 51 yr old male in Australia and I am just starting the journey. I was overweight when I started working, time just went by being in the office eating lunch doing little or no exercise at all. This has been going on for past 35 years and the result is hypertension bordering on stage 2, sleep apnea, morbidly obese,high cholesterol and gout. I guess if I was playing poker I'd have a full house. Started with a fitbit a couple of years ago to try and lose weight, just walking and found that I needed to walk longer so have turned to jogging/running. Even when I was younger I could only run a maximum of 200m, So here hoping I can at least jog for 5km. BTW just completed day3 of week one but still horribly out of breathe for the last 5 mins so will probably redo week one. Walking on average 7km for the past week.
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