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  1. Hi everyone, I have always avoided any form of cardio other than swimming due to my asthma. Whilst I have always wanted to run it has always left me gasping for air with a burning sensation in my lungs. My wife suggested I try C25K and now I am hooked. I have just finished W2D3 of C25K. The first few runs were quite difficult, I was gasping for air but by adjusting my speed and concentrating on my breathing I have pushed through. I am a little nervous about W3D1 up next which includes the 3 minute runs. I have been doing Yin Yoga for several years now (another recommendation from my wife). This practice has really helped me with my stretches and sorting out any aches and pains. Yogic breathing techniques have also helped me a great deal. I am hoping to be in the best shape of my life by the time my 40th birthday arrives in October. I will keep you all updated!
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