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  1. Went again today. Worried about what will happen when work starts again but am going to keep trying!
  2. Third day out, still shuffling but loving every minute of it!!!
  3. That's twice! Am so enjoying shuffling in the morning. It was wet and cold this morning but so fresh and clean. No shuffle tomorrow but I'm still going to head out early...
  4. Well I went, not as early as it will be once school starts again but it's an attempt to get in to a routine before then, and it was more of a slow shuffle than a run.....but I went. And it was glorious!!
  5. Hi Just about to start the course again. Will be trying to fit a run in in the morning, so am looking for some help to stay motivated and some accountability! It's dark and cold and there are too many reasons to not run, but I want to!!!
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