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  1. Really didnt want to but I made it through W9D2. Being able to come on here and tell you guys that I did it motivated me. Also I am signed up for a 5K May 7th. The run was a tough one today. Struggled through it and was barely called jogging but I made it. I hope I will be ready for next week. Three 15 minute runs. Sounds tough.

  2. Did W9D1 today. I brought my obese golden retriever with me for the first 10 minutes. Stopped at my house and took a pee break after the second ten. Third ten was rough and fourth ten easy. Overall a good fun run.

  3. Keep going Dana! You will get it. I started out way out of shape at 300 pounds. I had a rough time doing week one. Three months later and at 240 with dieting I can finally run the 30 minutes. My legs get tired but if i keep going it goes away. I never thought I could run this long. I hope to go longer so I can actually make it a 5K.

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