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  1. Agreed that recovery is important but... for me personally, doing this program is more than just about me. It's also about intensifying my dog's evening exercise to wear him out! Definitely have to find a way to work this program every day.
  2. Already noticed a HUGE difference in my speed today. Wow. Will be very curious how this progresses!
  3. Way to push through Blayne! With winter officially here I know I'm gonna have many days like that coming up. Next few months that are gonna be ROUGH. LOL
  4. My name's Amy and I'm a total newbie. Absolutely H.A.T.E. running but C25K seems like the simplest way to consolidate my need to workout and my need to intensify my dog's evening walk to wear off more of his crazy. Anyone else here do this with their pups?
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