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  1. you can do this. youre not that far away. when i started i weighed 340 pounds.
  2. gotta push yourself. you will be surprised what you can do.
  3. back at it again. took me awhile to get asthma under control but i think im good!
  4. Finished the first week, but its still rough. I dont think I'm ready to move on. i got the motivation to try it though. Wish me luck!
  5. well its a year and a half later and i just finished another W1D1. its rough riding out there! lol i'm starting out 50 pounds lighter this time. my dream is to complete a 5k.
  6. Can't seem to stay with it lol. Have done week 1 three times but in three weeks. I need to stay motivated! Keep telling myself it's to help me live longer.
  7. I've been doing compound exercises for 5 sets of 5 reps to build strength and have been gaining alot of muscle mass. Doing bench press, military press, bicep curls, squats, barbell rows, and deadlifts. Three exercises one day and three the next.
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