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  1. Body weight exercises (zenlabs) Week 1 Day 2 Round No. PS-ST-SQ-PL Round 1.----03-05-05-02 Round 2.----04-06-05-02 Round 3.----03-03-03-01 Round 4.----02-05-05-02 Round 5.----04-06-05-03 1min rest between rounds + 30sec plank. *PS- PUSHUPS; ST- SIT UPS; SQ- SQUATS; PL- PULL UPS
  2. Body weight exercises (zenlabs) Week 1 Day 1 Round No. PS-ST-SQ-PL Round 1.----02-03-03-02 Round 2.----02-04-04-01 Round 3.----03-03-03-01 Round 4.----02-03-03-02 Round 5.----03-05-05-03 1min rest between rounds + 10sec plank. *PS- PUSHUPS; ST- SIT UPS; SQ- SQUATS; PL- PULL UPS
  3. Week 8 Day 3 done..!! Ran 4k in 30 mins. Then decided that I'd run the extra 1km and finished my first 5K in 37:30 min..!! All thanks to c25k. Here's my twitter post..!! https://twitter.com/bitingbangus/status/776964354503614464
  4. Signed up for a 5k fun run for December. Goal is to complete the 5k by running the entire stretch and if possible, to finish it under 30 mins.
  5. Week 8 Day 2 done. Bettered the pace a little bit. One more day to go..!!
  6. There are workout timer apps available. Found one by runtastic which tells you when to exercise and when to rest. Haven't used it personally. But I might, when I reach your stage.
  7. Week 7 Day 2 done. No improvement in pace. But completed it without stopping nevertheless.
  8. Week 7 Day 1 done and dusted..!! Was able to cover only 2 miles instead of 2.5 miles.
  9. Week 6 Day 3 done. I think I'm jogging too slow. Felt like I completed it effortlessly. I think I'll hold on to this pace till I am able to run for full 30 mins and then up the pace.
  10. Just completed week 6 Day 2. Why does the 10k trainer say 3 runs when there are only 2 runs.?
  11. Good to know Breeze..!! Thanks..!! Me starting week 6 tomorrow. Will have to wait and see how it goes.
  12. Week 5 Day 3 conquered at last..!! Felt like I could have run a couple more minutes extra after completing it..!!
  13. Hi. I'm Joseph, from India. I use Garmin vivofit for tracking my runs. Any other Garmin user also using this app??
  14. The last time I had a good streak of running was about 7 months ago and had reached up to week 5 day 2 before quitting. Now returning back after so many months, I've been able to equal that achievement today. Hoping to break the 20 min week 5 day 3 in a couple of days and keep going further. Just thrilled and excited.
  15. Finished week 5 Day 1. Waiting for week 5 Day 2 tomorrow. Thrilled.
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