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  1. Hacked up a lung this morning. But I completed my W4d1. I'm still havin gnome issues keeping my breathing in check. Mostly just forget and start breathing in mouth out mouth. But I try to go in nose out mouth with deep slow breaths. First day my legs actually got tired. First 5 minute segment was today and I did good. I was proud of myself. Think my dogs getting healthier also haha.

  2. The program is scheduled 3 days a week. You do not want to run every day. You could end up with an injury because you do need to rest your body. What I do is 2 days running and 1 day rest. Others may have something better. What I originally started was every other day

  3. This cold is really kicking my but now. I wanted to go out this morning and do w4d1 but my throat hurts so bad I would not enjoy it at all. Maybe tomorrow. Don't want to ruin my progress. Jeshi. Have you done w5d3 yet

  4. Finished week 3 today. Tried running with a midfoot stride. Feels almost like trying to write left handed. Just weird. Legs still hurt but I think that may be because there still sore. Crazy how right now it's 3 minute stretches and in just 2 weeks I'm expected to run 20 full min. Jeshi. Just wanted to say thank you. You are also still starting out from what I can tell but u are also impacting so many people in so many ways. Just wanted to thank you for all your help on here.

  5. I'm going to try it tomorrow. Honestly at work yesterday everyone probably thought I was going mental. Every time I had to walk to another area I was practicing it really slowly. I woke up with a cold this morning. Ayleast it's on my rest day. I just hope tomorrow it isn't bad enough to ruin my run

  6. Thanks Keshia. I'm going to try it out. I looked into a video on the difference and I understand. How weird did it feel changing up ur style once you were already used to a certain way. I feel like it is going to slow me down. I know right now that's not a problem. Just still want to get the most out of the workout

  7. W3D2 done. Shins really hurt as soon as I started running. After the first 90 second run the pain went away. But once I got in the car after the run the pain came back. Got home and now I'm limping. Will rest tomorrow and hope it's better for Wednesday

  8. Ok cool. Thanks Jeshi. And no problem on replying. I appreciate any feedback whenever it comes my way. I was thinking of going 2 days running 1 day rest intervals. Atleast until I get higher in the program and need more rest

  9. Went great. Ran with my wife this morning ended up sprinting the last 90 second segment of the run. Don't know if that's ok but figured what can it hurt to have a little HIIT in there. Feel awesome. Still super motivated

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