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  1. I'm done with it. Felt great. Neck and neck still. Not a race. But I do like the accountability. As I'm running I'm thinking. "I can't get back on just to tell ruthie I didn't finish" haha. But It's cool because I know I have more in me when it's time to stop. Saturday morning is my next run

  2. Ruthie. Did you get it done. For some reason I did the same thing today. I don't think I can run in circles because I know how much longer so I just stop. I ran 1 mile and was next to my car so I just stopped. Monday I am going going to run 1 mile out and 1 mile back so I never pass my car

  3. I didn't run w6d3 tonight. Work schedule has been all messed up and haven't slept much last few days (been covering someone for there vacation) tonight just went out and ran a mile. Felt pretty good. Bit didn't start the program so I didn't keep going. Feel good. Just didn't want to go a full 5 days before getting some kind of run in. So Saturday morning I will complete week 6. I'm sure of it

  4. W6d2 complete. It was definitely easier than the previous run. Thursday is another long run. I believe 22 minutes. Yay. Looking forward to it. May wait till Friday though. Give my shins some rest. I did get my mile down under 10 minutes today. So proud of myself there. Considering I started at about 15. Want to get it down to around 7. Obviously not by the end of the program but in the future. Jeshi. Are u still doing every other day. Or something different. I'm considering running and doing 2 days off between runs now. Because they are all over 20 minutes now. Input appreciated. Thanks for the encouragement everyone

  5. Azatol .....didn't you post osomewhere that u recently ran a half marathon. How long did it take you to go from the 5k to a half marathon. Probably plenty of time but some point next year I would love to sign up for a half marathon. Obviously after a 10k. But that's just a goal of mine. At least by October 2016 since I started October 17th

  6. I did it. Jeshi ....how did u feel on w6d1. My shins hurt. Only when I'm on the walking intervals though. I took 3 days off which was dumb. Think maybe that has something to do with it. Lungs hurt also. Normally I run in the morning but I was upset with myself for taking so long to start week 6 so I did it tonight after work...I'm on my feet all day so that could be it also. Anyways. I finished the runs without stopping. Happy jogging/running everybody. Goodnight

  7. I did go buy some better shoes and it did get rid of all the pain. Didn't get fitted or anything. They didn't have someone there to help. Just found some that were most comfortable for me and more support. Boy do I feel lazy. Haven't ran since my 20 minute run. Must get out tonight.

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