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  1. I just finished week 1. Starting week 2 tomorrow. I signed up for one that takes place 12:10 am January first. Supposed to be the first 5k of the year here in arizona. Looking forward to it. Hope I can make it through the program.i am excited and I do feel it gave me something more to work for... Good luck

  2. Already done. Signed up for it this morning. 26th annual Midnight madness in arizona. 12:10 am on January 2nd. So first 5k of the year 2016 in arizona. Should be enough time to get ready. Week 1 was ok. Definitely not easy Start week 2 tomorrow. BUT I'm going to give it my all. Thanks

  3. So I just started the program. Hard but doable first week. Really motivated.. I am doing this for all sorts of reasons. Wondering if I should sign up for a 5k about 3 months from now. Just to give myself the extra boost of motivations. Thanks everyone.

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