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  1. Is there a specific guideline for when to take a rest day? If I'm feeling fine can I still do the workouts every day? I am a BRAND new runner and I am very overweight. The runs have been very challenging but surprisingly my body feels good. As long as I'm not in any pain is it ok to keep going on a daily basis? Thank you!
  2. Hi, I have actually done the week 1 run/walk about 9 times now over the past week and a half. I still don't feel ready to move on as I can barely make it through the one minute jogs. How long should I repeat week 1 before I try to move on to week 2? Also, my lower legs are pretty sore. I have been doing the program pretty much every day with a rest day every so often. Is that ok or should I only be doing it every other day?
  3. hello, I'm probably missing something obvious, but is there a way to see my distance with this ap or do I need to run a different ap simultaneously?
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