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    Week 5 day 3....done!

    I was absolutely dreading today's run, the dreaded 20 min jump. But I actually found it OK. Not exactly pleasant but after I passed the half way mark I felt pretty good. I've been on the programme a couple of weeks as I started a few weeks in due to already doing a bit of running here and there. I do my runs 3 times a week and also go to the gym and do a few classes on days I don't run. I just honestly feel mega pleased that today worked out like it did after I really worried about it. I felt like I could have kept going but I feel like that's where sometimes I go wrong. Pushing myself too hard, so I want to stick to the programme to build up sensibly. Anyway I just wanted to stir a little bit of positivity into the dreaded week 5 day 3 as I think I felt a bit scared just from reading some Stuff on here. Mind over matter. Focus on the music and try to be mindful of the world around you. That's what helps me. Looking forward to my next challenge
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    San Antonio, TX - w1d1

    Okay, so I'm a newb. I entered into a 4 month weight loss bet with some guys at work and haven't lost a pound in the first month. Time to get to work. W1D1 complete. With the help of my 10 yr old son to keep me company and motivated. Friends and motivators are welcome. Good luck to all.
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    I just finished w1 d3...for the second time. I wanted to make sure I am ready to start w2 d1 and I am!
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    Seated Cardio Workouts

    Bumping for seated cardio workout as well. I was into week 3 and injured my knee. Have been resting it but trying to think of exercises I can do in the meantime, apart from strengthening my hips, thighs and gluteus maximums. Went Aqua running. People must have thought I looked weird doing it lol.
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    Should I even do this?

    Hi. I literally just signed up and would really like to get into running. I always thought I got shin splints when I ran so I just haven't. Is there something I could do to avoid getting them or something to ease them after? I also have a bum knee. What tips can I do there?
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    Should I even do this?

    I bought a knee brace and iced my knee down after every running session back when I was having trouble. Also used ibuprofen (Advil) from time to time. Now? Not a lick of pain in my knees.
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    Does it get easier?

    What I like about this program is small goals every week.When I started I choose very small pace for both walk and run. I was so afraid of failing....After week 5 I was sure that I can finish the program and at the end of the week 7 I started making 5k distance every time. Now it is week 8 and I slowly increasing my pace. I am 55, obese (BMI 32.2), high blood pressure and sugar, back pain and other stuff. So the program is doable even for me. Stick to the program, but listen to your body (and ignore your mind ). If you cannot run - walk. it is better then sitting.
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