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  1. JeremyB

    End of week seven

    Also the heat! The heat makes it so much harder than I think it should!
  2. JeremyB

    Awesome first day... again

    Hey, yes, I did. I was really disappointed at how much I had lost after working so hard the first time, but here I am again. Let's keep it together this time! (for me, that means running through the winter)
  3. JeremyB

    "Dad Podge'....be gone!

    Hey Ryan, yeah, keep it up! My kids are in the golden years of nine and eleven now, and I can keep up most days, mostly thanks to this program. Keep it up! It's hard some days, but kids can make everything worth it.
  4. JeremyB


  5. JeremyB

    Side snacking..

    What I've seen over the past few months is that the more I run the less I crave food that I don't need. I'll even sit down to a meal and be ready to eat my regular amount (too much) and then not want to finish. My philosophy is: the weight can wait. Right now I just want to be fit.
  6. JeremyB

    Week 9

    Week 9 day 1 was surprisingly hard today. I've been feeling mostly good to this point but today was tough. Especially because I thought it would be easy after week 8 day 3!