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  1. You are NEVER too far gone to take control of your life and get back into shape. Just take your time and if you have to repeat weeks, then so be it. You will get there if you just try. I had to repeat weeks 3 and 4 at least twice. I'm starting week 5 this week Remember, PROGRESS not PERFECTION!
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  2. I am 5'2, 270 lbs. which is 150 lbs over my ideal weight. I have not exercised in 23 years at least and wonder if jogging will hurt me bc of my weight. Is this program suitable for someone in the shape I'm in? Scared, but desperate to get control of my life!! Thanks.
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  3. I would say do what you can walk if need be, don't beat yourself up if you can't do it. At least you are giving it a go. Maybe check with your doctor if you are worried!
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  4. j.hughes10

    New girl signing in

    I'm new to this as well, good luck
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