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Ok so stretching, any good techniques anyone?

Guest Kenzie

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Ok so i am told to stretch before running. I heard it only worsens your run. ( i heard that like once so im going to stretch anyway :P) but i don't know how i should be stretching. Anyone have any good stretches?

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Hey Kenzie,


No no no no no. Do not EVER stretch before you warm up,those muscles, ever. You will blow muscles and then be out for 6 weeks or more. Take it from me as a fitness instructor who has blown many calf muscles. Uh no. You need to warm up those muscles first before you EVER stretch them. Especially your calf muscle. At least 5 minutes of warm up. Then stretch if you need too.


I have taught ex

ercise for 20 years, in those days, we stretched after warm up and after a workout. Nowadays, you warm Up, a minor stretch and a hard workout and then a good long stretch. So it is up to you. Do not ever stretch cold muscles, that is so damaging.


As for stretching. , this is what I do!, A 5 minute warmup, a a side lunge stretch, a back lunge stretch, a front bend stretch, and a calf stretch. Then work out mand repeat the stretch. Make sure your muscles are warmed up. good luck and keep us posted here.

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