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lower leg/opposite the shin

running Gma

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I am a c25k grad. and have one official 5k under my belt...on a workout run this past week in the very cold weather, I finished with some pain in my left lower leg, upper ankle. It's in the spot that would be opposite of my shin. I iced and wrapped tight, then ran a Turkey trot the next morning. Then both legs hurt in the same place. What muscle or tendon is that and how did do that? I have been resting , wrapping and elevating it now. Wandering if it's just cold weather running or cold muscles??? 

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If it feels like it is right in the middle of your calf muscle, it might be your Plantaris tendon. I ruptured mine several years ago. It wouldn't let me put my foot flat on the ground. If you are finding it more painful to have your foot in a dorsiflexion position, that is most likely your culprit.

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