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  1. If it feels like it is right in the middle of your calf muscle, it might be your Plantaris tendon. I ruptured mine several years ago. It wouldn't let me put my foot flat on the ground. If you are finding it more painful to have your foot in a dorsiflexion position, that is most likely your culprit.
  2. Find a sports bra that individually cups, but also compresses your girls. I tried the old navy ones and all they offer is compression. I am currently in love with the Norwalk Tank from Fabletics which not o my offers removable cups, but also had mega compression and is disguised as a tank top-awesome for running!!
  3. I have a belt that holds 2 regular 20 oz water bottles. It angles them so they meet the angle of your hip and are easy to access. It doesn't bounce as badly as one would think, but I'm still considering updating to the fuel belt style
  4. When I run, or even just walk long distances, my 2nd and 3rd toes get numb and painful. The ball of my foot directly below these toes feels like it's swollen, but it's not. Any idea what might be the cause or what is a good remedy? I've had the problem for years and have never figured out what causes it.
  5. Any suggestions for when colds and allergies hit and breathing through the nose isn't a great option? I use a neti pot and nasal spray, but I always feel more congested when running.
  6. This is first real foray into running and I'm repeating week 1. I feel good enough to try week 2, but have developed a foot pain with my new shoes that I want to get worked out before moving forward.
  7. REllis

    Cool Down?

    what is a good cool down? I've been doing a slower pace walk and stretches. What is recommended or what does everyone else do?
  8. I had the same problem. I soaked I an Epsom salt bath the next night and gave myself a two day break. I did day 2 last night and I feel so much better this morning than I thought I would!!
  9. I am a 41 year old eho has struggled with weight and fitness my whole life. I have 2 weeks left in a health program I'm in-I've lost 20# and am feeling great, but wanted to add something else. Started day 1 on Tuesday, did day 2 last night. I had some expected knee pain, but I found a nice knee support that helps. I'm loving this program! Can't wait to see what the future holds!
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