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  1. I would take a rest day and the next day dedicate to some good stretching that is directed at helping with the pinched nerve. Once you are feeling better then pick back up.
  2. Take a break until you ate feeling better. Ice and elevate. Make sure you stretch good once you're healed.
  3. Hi there. I'm Lexy and I am so excited to finally have made enough room for this app. I started training for my fist 5K last month and have been using the same basic principle as this app. I am not a runner so I will be starting from w1d1 and working my way up. I was going to start today but the baby had other plans. So here is to tomorrow. Happy Running Everyone.
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    Day 2

    You are already taking a great first step by acknowledging and asking for advice. Now just dig a little deeper. I believe I saw a forum on here about nutritional tips and so forth. Also, on my runs I get Hungary, so I always pack a healthy snack. A good crunchy veggie, like carrots and celery, and a protein source, like peanut butter crackers. Not to much though. Good Luck!
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