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Guest Shan

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Have you seen the nature films? The one where the lone baby wildebeest gets separated from the group and well, we all know how that ends. That's me. Um. What I imagine myself to be if some natural disaster or fall of humanity occurs. If I ever had to run for my life, I'd be the one straggling behind, slowing everyone down, finally saying 'Just go on without me...' and turning to face my fate.


No, I'm no prepper or conspiracy theorist. I'm a couch potato.


I've always wanted to run. Seems foolish to say. Running should be something inherent, built in, something everyone can do, right? For years I've mourned the loss of my slender frame with the advance of age and hormonal changes. I've looked at running ads longingly, wondering if I could return myself to even a sliver of my former self. I've watched my husband run and admired his dedication. My two young kids now even ask to go jogging with great enthusiasm. Finally, it was enough.


Stopping at a running store last week, the wonderful clerk told me about the app here. Last night I downloaded it. Today, this morning, was day one. Here's a taste of my first 30 minute session:

My legs felt like lead tree trunks sunk in concrete slabs for feet.

I could feel various parts of my midsection jiggling, despite my active-wear's futile attempts to hold me together.

My dog wasn't helping, her distracted nature causing me to slow pace or repeat 'heel' 24,807,907 times as if it would make a difference to her.

I fumbled with earbuds that kept falling out of my ears over and over (I really need to make a good playlist. Who listens to Norah Jones while running?!?).

My ears hurt from the cold because I lost all my cold-weather gear over the summer.


All in all I did it. I finished the first session. I sat in the driveway for a celebratory stretch, my dog forcing her muzzle under my chin and on to my shoulder for attention. As she tried to fit her 75 pound frame on my lap for some back-scratching, I thought victory over my own lack of willpower never felt so good... and so furry.


Here's to those just starting out. I hope we can all stick with it. I, for one, don't want to be the Lone Baby Wildebeest forever!






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WOW Shan,


At first  I thought you were a Spammer when I saw this huge post...then as I am eating lunch, I read your post.  Wow, you are one heck of a write, are you one?  I am so impressed, like a little story.


Anyways, Welcome on here and Congrats on Day 1, you got this and you can do it.   One foot in front of the other...


Good luck and YES, you should write a  book...  Proud of ya!   Keep us posted.

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Yeah not a spammer, and probably should be a writer of sorts. I just sat on my rear end after my outing and my brain started goin' like mad. I tend to be the self-deprecating sort, and have found that my own failings are often an amusing source of encouragement, so I thought I'd share. This community is sure to help me keep that one foot in front of the other. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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One trick that *might* help is to just put on your workout clothes, including your shoes. Then see how you feel. If you're still not feeling it, that's okay - you tried. But sometimes, all it takes is putting on those running shoes and you're out the door before you realize you weren't motivated to do anything :) 


And LoneBabyWIldebeest - you really should consider starting a blog ;)

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