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  1. Okay so my shins are really hurting me today after yesterday's week 2 day 1. It's just not in the wallet for new shoes yet. I'll be walking my week or something to keep on some sort of routine and biking/lifting other days, then redoing my week two when I'm 100%. So disappointed, but suspected this might happen. Oh well! Most important thing is to let them heal properly I guess. -The Sullen LBW
  2. Others have done it on a treadmill, but in my DH's experience, he found running outside VERY different (much more difficult) from running on the mill. His first 5k was really tough when he had thought it was going to be easy. Regardless, if you're just getting started I'd not worry about how you get started. We're approaching winter months for many, and trying to run outside is at times dangerous what with ice/snow/etc. Good luck with your program! -LBW
  3. I guess if you're finding the week easy and can run every day, then go for it. I always learned that muscle groups respond better when you take a rest day - like if you work your legs one day, do arms the next. I think the abs were the ones you could beat relentlessly ever day. Someone correct me please?
  4. I'll have to give that one a try. I know I'd love it. My DH? Hrm. Jury's still out on that one. Thanks for sharing!
  5. That's what I'm trying to do, Elyse. I just do M W F C25K. Tues and Thur I think about lifting, but so far it hasn't happened. lol maybe this week I can get that in gear. Baby steps... Good luck and welcome!
  6. Hey Kelly M, welcome! I don't have any advice really. I'm a noob, but I've found some really helpful info skimming old posts and reading the blogs. There's really good people here, so I'm sure you'll get some better tips from other long-time runners.
  7. Some of what I do sounds like Paleo, or maybe a diabetic diet. Never read up on Paleo. Maybe I'll google it today. If I can stick to it: Morning I do my C25K. Followed by a mocha I make at home (my cheat!) with one slice of lo-cal toast with a slice of cheese and one egg folded into a sandwich. That's about... 220 calories? During the day I attempt light snacking. If there's leftovers I might dip into that but my favorites are humus (as low sodium as I can find) with some raw veggies (baby carrots, celery, sugar snap peas), a can of low-sodium V8 juice, 4-5 crackers and a serving of cheese, or garbanzo beans, fresh mozzarella and diced tomatoes with some oil/vinegar. All small portions - I'll snack on something like that a couple times before dinner maybe around 11am and 2pm. I try and keep things going so my sugar levels don't freak out. Dinner is usually grilled meat of some sort with some plain rice and stir-fried veggies or salad (and rolls for the kids, but let's face it, I have one of those, too). Once a week it's pasta and meatballs. Once a week it's pizza with the kids. If we and have any chance of staying up after the kids go to bed for some actual, uninterrupted conversation we have an evening coffee, too. Most of the food I make at home "from scratch" so it's healthier and less preservatives - meatballs, marinades, etc. Honey is a sugar substitute for many things I bake.
  8. Whoa. KellyAnn's right. What an accomplishment! Congratulations and good luck on your first 5k!
  9. Yay! Congratulations! I'm starting week 2 tomorrow. I hate exercise and have zero willpower. Ha! That said, I'm still hopeful, too. Thanks for sharing!! -LBW
  10. Hi Tiffany! I am so happy for your remission! Your attitude is amazing, and wanting to command your body to fall in line with your mental outlook is great! So long as your doc thinks it's a good move to start some sort of exercise routine, then heck yes, I would just start just walking. Maybe you could do your warm up as stretching, then walk/rest as you mentioned. You could work your way up to a slow/fast walk and on from there. I think it's KellyAnn who writes something like it's just one foot in front of the other? That's what counts. You'll get there! -LBW
  11. That. Is. Awesome. YOU are awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. It inspires me and I know many others will be encouraged, too. Good luck and congrats on signing up for your 5k. Please keep us posted!! -LBW
  12. Pspenny, Exercise is a great stress reliever! I probably would wait to get into a workout regiment, too. Once you get settled, it will be easier. BUT but but... I really encourage you to read up on the best way to stretch out and prep your bod/legs for the activity. You'll be way better prepared for starting, if you're stretching every day, and much less susceptible to injuries that will feed the defeating desire to not continue. Hang in there and keep us posted, please!
  13. I was going to advise getting a knee support/wrap, but I'm no expert, just thinking about what my DH has done in times past with knee pain. I'd take a look here and see if these seem similar to your knee troubles: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/107-knee-issue/
  14. Funny that today I shifted my weight forward a bit while I ran and it "seemed" to ease the discomfort a bit. I thought it might be my imagination, but considered that my form might be wrong. Thanks for posting, I'll have to look into that. -LBW
  15. I totally agree with FairyNuff. I'm in a bit of shin pain now. I wager that aside from the fact that my body thinks I've declared war on it with all this sudden activity, my shoes are a bit old and broken down and should be used for mowing the lawn only! I need to save up and get fitted for new ones, but didn't want to put off starting C25K because I was afraid I'd never start at all. I also remember hearing somewhere (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that you shouldn't use the same running shoes every day if you run daily? I imagine using the same shoes for multiple activities every day only speeds up the breakdown process. Thanks Minibab for the stretching/rolling reminder. I may be pressed for time but cutting corners will only sideline me and destroy any motivational momentum I have! -LBW
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