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Former runner starting again!

Guest Sara

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Hey everyone.

7 years ago, I was halfway through training for a marathon when I got mono. I couldn't run for months, and by the time I was well, I was completely out of shape.

So here I am starting over. I just finished week 1 day 1, and I feel great! Good luck everyone. From experience, I know it does get easier :-)

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I am just getting back in the swing of things :-) I have missed running, and I have gained a few extra lbs over the years. I was in the best shape of my life when I was running regularly!


Plus that runner's high is incredredibly addicting!!!

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Hi Sara,


Welcome back to running.  Are you starting with the 5k app or??


 There is absolutely nothing like a Workout high, It is the best anti depressant ever in the world.  Our bodies release Endorphins and running is one that raises it pretty high, makes us feel better about ourselves and to push harder.  For me, being  a workout Lover, I feel great when I do and bummed when I don't... 


You got this and Good luck to you!  Keep us posted....

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Hi Kathleen,


Welcome Here!  You choose, you know your body, seems like you are already in great shape, I am thinking you are a Bicyclist and not a Mortorcycle biker??  Even though i do the latter, It is a workout too, lol...


Just make sure you do not overtrain and get burned out.  Maybe try other things on other days?  Bike, Swim, Crosstrain, weights..  Me, Myself, I like to run 4 days a week..


Up to you, Good luck!

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