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Plantar fasciitis!!!

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I also have this issue, here are the tips my GP/podiatrist has given me:

1) get good quality running shoes that have arch support (I find Asics work well)

2) before you run, freeze a bottle of water. Then after exercising, stand on the frozen bottle and roll it back/forward under your foot.

3) see your physio/podiatrist/doctor often to make sure you're not doing any damage.


Best of luck :)

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I have been a structural bodyworker since 2001 and I help runners with this all the time. 

First, know that the problem starts in the low back, S1 nerve root. The piriformis stretches such as the pigeon pose or a modification of it, are important to do daily. 

Second, make sure to stretch the hamstrings, keeping the back straight and hinging at the hip/groin. I always recommend stretching the hammies while you brush your teeth. 

Third, stretch the calves, both straight and bent legs.

Lastly, see a good bodyworker who understands how the foot is supposed to work and can help normalize the arch. I have had clients with PF who have had both almost no arch and those that had a supinated arch. Both are malfunctions of the arch. The healthiest thing for you as a runner, is to fix your arch, not just give it a crutch long term.

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I had chronic plantar fasciitis for years. I tried stretch, massage, therapy, ice, rest, orthotics, etc... nothing worked. I saw a fantastic podiatrist who gave me a shot of cortisone and that fixed me up. It's amazing not to have pain there. Of course, that may not be a permanent fix. She suggested that I try Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy if it comes back. It's non-surgical and uses high-energy sound waves to do whatever it needs to do to fix the inflammation. It's supposedly more effective than the surgery. Here is a link: https://www.bvfootclinic.com/plantar-fasciitis

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