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Interval training?


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Can somebody recommend the interval training for me?


I can barely make 5k (3.107 miles) with the speed 5.5 mph and incline 1%

I do much better with the speed 5.3 mph and incline 1-2%


The goal is increase my speed so I could run 5K under 30 min.

I was told that interval training is the way to go but I need numbers :D


Or I can just continue to run 5k (playing with incline) and my pace will improve with time?





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Due to my weight I am afraid to increase the distance. I think it will be to harsh on my joints.

I am trying to "invent" interval training course for me, but I just do not know where to start.

Should I try 3min run - 3 min jog? What speed should I choose for run and jog intervals, if my goal is 5k under 30 min and my current speed is 5.5mph?

Or may be I should try the 10K program? I know that with my current pace I can easily do first two weeks.

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When I intervals, I cycle through different programs: 10 x 400 m sprints (2 min recovery); 5 x 1 km (90% max pace or so with 1 to 2 min recovery); 5 x 800 m.


I'm not sure about how easy the intervals will be on your joints if your pace increases over your normal 5k pace. For me the intervals make my hamstring muscles really sore (they far too weak).


Do you stretch and work out your core muscles? Attending a review with sports medicine Doctor and Physical Therapist will help, if you can swing it. Your sore joints maybe the result of a weak core. I've been going through core strengthen exercises 3 times per week. My ankle and back problems have gotten better. I also ice up & stretch after a run this seems to help.

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Thanks Rob!


I will try 10x400 and see how it feels.


I started my core exercise every other day at the same time as I started C25K program. Honestly I should do more of  it.

I know what the doc will say (and I agree with him): loose more weight. :rolleyes:

This will reduce stress on my joints and will increase my pace.  I need to reduce my food intakes along with exercise...




PS I was googling:

Hamstring stretches for low back pain relief

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I think I have found what I was looking for:




Looks quite challenging. As soon as my treadmill at home will be fixed (hopefully soon), I am going to try it.

My 40-45 min runs almost got me to the goal 5km under 30min. But my joints cannot approve more than that, I am having hard time to recover after each day of exercise.

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