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Week 1 Day 1! Buddy needed & I'll be a buddy if needed!!

Georgia M

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Hiya everyone! I'm 18 (Senior year!) and have a little too much extra "lovin'".


Quick back story:

I use to be obsessed with running when I was a Freshman. I actually would run almost every day Freshman year; on a normal day I'd run atleast 3 miles and on crumby days I'd push myself to 5.5 miles.


I was a fitness junky. I always had to be doing something active.

I played soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and ran both cross country & track.


Last school year (Junior year) I went from weighing 128 lbs. to weighing 159.6 lbs. within barely 2 months. I got depressed and everything went down hill. I'd burn maybe 600 calories during the day but would come home after school and consume 4,000 calories... So my tiny body stretched out.


I've dropped all my weight (down to 135 lbs.) but nothing is in shape like it use to be.


I have almost lost all motivation for anything regarding fitness. I'll get on big health kicks and they'll last for a month or so then go 4 months without doing anything.

I miss being active and the excuses I've been feeding my brain is "I'll do it tomorrow." & "I just need someone to push me." and they're not doing anything for me.




So here's the purpose of this thread.


I'm looking for someone to be a "running buddy" (someone to do the same thing the same day as me or even yell ((nicely)) to do my daily run) and really we don't have to be on the same progress.


If anyone is interested please let me know!

I'm not sure what time I'm doing it tomorrow but most likely it'll be early (10-ish East Coast Time).


And if someone is looking for a buddy or encourager as well let me know, I know I'd love someone for that and I'd gladly help someone with it!!



Sorry for the long post!


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If put your mind to this you can do it. I suggest you start a thread in the accountability section. This will help in getting some fitness buddies.


Getting restarted was the toughest part for me. I enjoy running so it's not too difficult to get out there, but at 4:00am I sometimes have to shut my brain off and go.

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Georgia, good for you getting started!! That's usually the hardest part. Was for me anyway. That's the best thing about this app, it constantly challenges and pushes you, and there are a million people cheering you on! I usually run religiously every other day M-F and sometimes Sunday's, so I'll check in on you often :-) You got this!

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