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Modified slow starter here :)


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I did day 1 today. I am embarrassed to admit how overweight I am, so I am starting out on turtle mode, walk and walk faster. I will just keep walking faster and faster until one day I am running. I need to get my weight down to ease the arch problems I am wearing these fancy inserts for now. I am not discouraged to be off to a slow start, I still managed to get 15,000 steps in on my pedometer today with my slow version of c25k!

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AWeJo, you are doing great! 15,000 steps is a lot. There's no need to be embarrassed.


I hear you on the arch pain. I had so much arch and foot pain when I first started. I also couldn't run. I ended up doing jogging motions and was still in place no matter how much I tried to lean at my ankles. It takes time!


I stayed with the program and managed my intake (not too MUCH, and not too LITTLE) and my body composition started changing. It took a while before the weight went down, but the lessened foot and arch pain was one of the first things I noticed (after lessening of shin pain).

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