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Week 1 day 1


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It's totally up to you! Thats what is great about this program. If you felt you pushed yourself and did your best move on to the next day. If not do it again as many times as you need until you feel ready.

Let us know what you choose and how you do! Good luck :)

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I couldnt find this post here but i had it in my email. And it spoke volumes to me-



First off you need to understand that you did not fail today! The minute you stepped out the door you became a winner! You may not have completed your goal yet and that's just fine. As long as next time you do just a tiny bit better you are making progress. I say redo it until you complete it, then move on.


For now, Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step (literally). It get's better and even more fun!!



This spoke so much to me. I felt like a failure. I didnt achieve my goal. Thank you so much azatol. Also, thanks for your support. Cause i went out today and did w1d1 again and ran all the run parts. I started out slower and went further than last time. Last time i cover 1.81 this time 1.96...my lungs killed and at parts i wantes to give up. I had read a post that said at the run mark they do a check in with your body and that kinda helped and i noticed a difference.


It wasnt easy or pretty but i completed and i went slower with the runs and covered more ground. I also dont feel spent..like im tired but not dying.

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I completed w1d2 yesterday. I wasnt planning on running. Woke up early feeling quite a bit of anxiety. Went for a run...i think i "ran" for 5 to 7 mins at the first run..just kept running. It wasn't fast but, it felt good. I have to be honest. By the fifth and six run i was pretty spent. I did run each of the runs though. I am feeling pretty sore and part of my foot/ankle hurts pretty good. Im hoping its just moving pains as ive been more sedentary prior.

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