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  1. I totally had a rough day and felt like i deserved to eat out and stuff myself beyond belief. I thought that since i had been kinda healthy lately to reward myself. Well, it wasn't that good(still was tasty just not as much as i would of thought) i shouldve stopped after my first bite as i was full after a few fries but kept going and going...well my stomach isn't enjoying the food its three in the morning and my stomach is quite uncomfortable. I wondering if my appetite has shifted. I'm hoping i remember this uncomfortable feeling as not to do this again. Emotional eating mixed with fried food after a few weeks of transforming my eating makes for an unhappy stomach. Have you guys been through this...
  2. Thanks so much for the advice. I went out today and did w2d3. It wasn't bad i actually felt not bad but, I'm going to take your advice and repeat a week or two I'm not sure I'm ready for week three yet. I don't want to injury myself. I might start week three end of next week or a little later. Its those pesky hills that get me winded. If not for those i think i would be okay. I also made note to run with my left foot closer and felt like it was alot easier to run. Im also working on changing my mind set. The idea that hills aren't the enemy. It was a tad easier and i think i got up the hill faster. Weird question i have a real old school garmin.are the calories is tracks correct? It said i burned fewer calories going farther faster than the last time. Im also taking ur advice with a day of rest in there. Should i put another form of exercise in there?thanks for the feedback it is really encouraging. It makes me want to keep getting out there.
  3. I was thinking it could be cool if a few of us who are around the same point had a thread encouraging each other. It sucks and its hard im on w2d2 but im doing it (totally a post run im can do anything idea). I saw a thred people were doing who were a lot later on in training and it was amazing to see the commitment and encouragement. Just a thought let me know if anyone is interested
  4. Today i did w2d2. I had been anxious since im flying home in a few days with so much to do. I also haven't been feeling well. It wasnt pretty but i ran all the run parts and really walked the walking parts working to recover from a couple intense hills. How fast do you guys walk the walking part? Do you speed walk? I feel like the w2d1 i struggled and walked the run. W2d2 i forced and buckled down and pushed through it but it sucked. Im wondering if the next one will suck or if i can do it comfortably. I noticed im getting about the same mileage i know there similar but thought it would be slightly different. In the last nine days ive run every other day. Should i put more days in between? Also thanks speedingsloth (i love that name by the way) i actually didnt think about that and i do lead with more weight on my right. I tried to be more even his time out and it was 95 percent better.
  5. So after do week 1 four times. The fourth time feeling pretty good. I thought i'd move on...i feel like it was the hardest yet or maybe tied for the first run. Id didnt have a plan when i started running and encountered quite a few hills mixed with a windy day. The 4th of six run i walked the whole time. I haven't eaten yet and i went out around noon. Maybe that was an issue...the weird part is the last two times i did week 1 i ran for the first 5to eight mins. This time i tried to follow and struggled..,weird no...wondering if just starting running five days out of eight was to much. I also experienced a pain in my foot like in the middle underside. I tried loosing my shoe a bit. I know this isnt as positive as id hope but...i got out there and i finished.
  6. Yeah...im pretty out of shape and i did this on Saturday and did 1.82 miles...
  7. I completed w1d2 yesterday. I wasnt planning on running. Woke up early feeling quite a bit of anxiety. Went for a run...i think i "ran" for 5 to 7 mins at the first run..just kept running. It wasn't fast but, it felt good. I have to be honest. By the fifth and six run i was pretty spent. I did run each of the runs though. I am feeling pretty sore and part of my foot/ankle hurts pretty good. Im hoping its just moving pains as ive been more sedentary prior.
  8. I couldnt find this post here but i had it in my email. And it spoke volumes to me- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- First off you need to understand that you did not fail today! The minute you stepped out the door you became a winner! You may not have completed your goal yet and that's just fine. As long as next time you do just a tiny bit better you are making progress. I say redo it until you complete it, then move on. For now, Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step (literally). It get's better and even more fun!! -------------------------- This spoke so much to me. I felt like a failure. I didnt achieve my goal. Thank you so much azatol. Also, thanks for your support. Cause i went out today and did w1d1 again and ran all the run parts. I started out slower and went further than last time. Last time i cover 1.81 this time 1.96...my lungs killed and at parts i wantes to give up. I had read a post that said at the run mark they do a check in with your body and that kinda helped and i noticed a difference. It wasnt easy or pretty but i completed and i went slower with the runs and covered more ground. I also dont feel spent..like im tired but not dying.
  9. So i took your advice and finally went out today. I did the whole thing bad sadly at the six of eight i had to walk that whole run. I think i started to fast. I did survive but i really wanted to run all the runs
  10. So the last several weeks i have been thinking about working out. Its really challenging i haven't been this out of shape in a while. I prob have worked out maybe three months this whole year and had managed to gain thirty pounds. I hate this i hate how i feel. I feel blah..and out of sorts..i keep thinking I'm going to work out but can't seem to make it that point. I downloaded the 10k app. I'm hoping joining you guys will give me the motivation to get going instead of having tons and tons of excuses. I have a stressful job and started smoking casually again a few years ago and now im back to four and five a day. I need to find some way to get control of my life again. I have at least a good 60pounds to lose. Im hoping to find a support community here...thanks for reading
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