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Reviewing a session


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  • 3 weeks later...

I didn't think so either LR. I think you can see it in the Android App but not on the Iphone.


I broke my foot and have not been able to run the last few weeks and have been working with our other Zenlab apps and thought I missed something.


Thanks for clearing that up LR. Appreciate it. I do love using an app in the background to check the distance, etc......


You can do got this!!!! Good luck!!

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Hmmm Anne. Thanks. Must be. A new thing to the 5k app. Im in the 10k app. Must be just for the android. Anyone else see this on the iphone???

You are correct, it is new or um, at least not an old feature KellyAnn. I downloaded it and checked it out. That was not a feature when I purchased it back in December. Back then the pro version just was a support the designers type purchase if I recall.

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