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Mom of 4 trying to get in shape

Mom of 4

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Hi there,

I just completed my first day. I was surprised I did it. I am a Mom of 4 kiddos ranging ages from 12 to 6, my second child has been diagnosed as having autism.


I did my first day in my living room, in the dark. I don't feel comfortable running outside. I have about a 10 to 15 foot stretch where I walked/ran laps.


I have never been a runner, but always wanted to be. I am praying I will have the discipline to do this. Also, when do I repeat the days,? I did today and it wasn't bad. I couldn't believe I actually did it!

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It is pretty daunting to start up a new program. Yesterday, I observed 60 to 70 year old woman jogging. She was doing really well, going at a good pace. My reaction was good for her.


I gotta believe getting out is the best thing you can do and most people will be in your corner. At first, I was a bit self conscious about running in public. I have gotten over this. Also, I recommend signing up for running clinic or evaluation. This will help you avoid injury.


Best Wishes,


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