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I can do this!


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After months of researching the pros and cons, I was inspired to actually start after seeing my brother in law run the Marine Corps Marathon after just completing his chemo.  I'm so inspired to do this for him and for all those who can't!  His number one advise was to get proper footwear.  So I ventured out and was very lucky to come across a reputable store local to me that gave me the most encouragement and advise.  They also gave me some warm up excercises to do before I started my training.  I'm empowered now and completed my day one training off the app.  It was hard for sure, but I felt great the rest of the day.  This morning I expected to wake up sore, but to my amazement didn't.  In fact, I woke up wanting to run!  Today is my rest day and tomorrow I'll hit the road again.  Thank you for such a great APP!

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Morning Laurieann,


Thanks for sharing your story. Glad your brother is doing ok. Twll him thanks for serving our country.


Nice you found a great store to help. That is exciting.


Thanks for joining us and love having you here. Ask any questions. Everyone is helpful.


Keep it up. We also have other great training apps too. Which im off to workout now myself. Snowing out? So weight training it is.


Good luck and keep us posted here!!!

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