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Sue O

First Day!

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Hi! Back in February, I could not stand for more than a few minutes without severe pain, stairs were very difficult, and walking something I did from the car to the nearest seat, or hanging onto a shopping cart hoping I didn't screech from the hurt. I was too stubborn to use an electric cart. I weighed almost 354 pounds, and I started going to Slimgenics as an early birthday present to myself. I am almost 95 pounds less now, nearly halfway to my goal, and I'm playing on a kickball team! But the season ends tomorrow, and I needed to find something to fill in for that, and more. I heard about C25K, and I just finished day 1!!!

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Second day went fine! I did kickball on Tuesday, so I didn't get to Day 2 until today--took Wednesday off and Thursdays are full, so no C25K, but I went over my step goals all days except Wednesday. Hit the 95 pound milestone on Wed. too.

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