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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I've done well this week so far. When presented with sugary treats instead of denying myself I would eat a smaller portion than normal. I've had more salads and veggies and haven't used the snack store in our office once, which used to be my main source of food. I've done week one of the app four times and out of fear of pushing it too much to fast I'm just going to go walk outside. Give my knees a break. My first big hurdle is coming up. The weekend. Not only that but going to my parents house for the weekend could pose a threat. I'm bring my workout clothes and plan to keep up my momentum. Thanks you all for the support!!
  2. Do you have a school track you could run on? That would help avoid hills.
  3. I have a few suggestions. If money isn't an issue I would say buy a treadmill or get a gym membership. However if that is not feasible maybe you could drive to a Mall or Walmart and do laps. If you are like me you'll want to avoid the sweets aisle/ food court. If you are snowed in a mini trampoline or workout videos are great way to get exercise if you can't run outside. YouTube has a lot of great workout videos. Hope this helps some.
  4. I'm so impressed with your hard work. Congrats on half the goal. I'm at the beginning of my journey for the second time. Keep it up and keep posting.
  5. Hello All, My name is Sam and I have 3 mo this until my 30th birthday. I want to look and feel good about myself. I have about 100 pounds to lose so I won't make my goal by the time my birthday comes but I hope to be on my way. Hoping the forums and app helps me through the tough times to come. I'm on day three. It's exhausting but I like the feeling of accomplishment. I want a life style change not a diet so I'm not going extreme. Ive cut soda and added veggies. Real food not fast food. It's hard. Last time I lost 70-80 pounds I was 6 yrs younger and used boxed meals to control my portions, but that didn't last forever. Learning to cook real food and exercising is my goa this time. Hope to hear from you all. Good luck on your C25k. Sam
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