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Drat, I just wrote out a nice post and it got deleted before I could post.


I just want to let you know that you're doing a great job sticking with this program for 3-4 months and that nothing is insurmountable. 

They say you should run the slowest you can; if you can run slower, you are running too fast.


Try experimenting with different walk/run intervals. Personally, I was able to get my heart rate faster in week 1 than in week 2. Week 2, I had body pains and had to focus on forcing air into and out of my lungs even though my heart rate was lower. Just try different things.


Regarding your aches and pains, changing my posture eliminated the pain in my shin and calves. Check out the attachment!

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I am 58 and just started week 5. I limit my running to only 3x a week per the program. I don't have any aches and pains so far but breathing is my biggest challenge. I listen to music and that really, really helps. Check out the app "Rock to Run" or "Run to Rock". It's got a variety of mixes and you can change the tempo. Good luck to all and don't get discouraged!

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