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How to start first day run


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Way to get started...my gut response was going to be 'one foot in front of the other  :) '


Some people keep their phone in their pocket or a holder of some sort (I use an armband to secure it), others hold it. Try not to look at the time...push yourself as best as you can and you'll be amazed what you can do.


Good luck! Keep us posted!

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Hi There and Welcome to you,


Funny SteveJ.  Lol....


I like what he said, one foot in front of the other..  Cute.  My reaction too.


So kidreader:   Most of us start the app you are using, I also have a music app running for music to make me move it, the app will coach you to what to do.  Run 1 minute, walk, etc...    Hope this helps.


Let us know how you do!! :D  :D 

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Hi, kidreader! I run on a treadmill so I place my phone in front of me. I try not to look down at the phone the entire time as that strains my neck - look straight ahead and slightly up to keep your neck comfortable.


If you're going to put your phone in your pocket or hold it in your hand, tap the lock symbol to keep from accidentally tapping any keys. You'll want to keep the app open in the foreground and NOT in sleep mode in order to receive the voice prompts.


One thing that really helped me was setting the jogging pace slow where you are able to talk, but not sing.


Good luck and let us know how your first workout goes!

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